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 childs bike       30 pln    80 pln   100 pln   450 pln

                   1 hour     day    24 hours    week

 childs bike       30 pln    80 pln   100 pln   450 pln
 childs seat        20 pln    40 pln   50 pln   150 pln
 bike              30 pln    80 pln   100 pln   450 pln


Participants must read and sign the Agreement prior to rental/tour.

To hire a bike, we require a valid Photo Identyfication: Passport/Driving Licence/ID Card for deposit or money deposit.

Rates include helmets, reflective vast and locks if required as well as a complimentary map, plus a spare tube,pump and toolkit for long term renting.

Participants are responsible for the rental equipment, from the time the equipment is rented until the time it is returned, including damage and theft of rental equipment.The hirer is responsible for the bike, and we offer no insurance for theft, loss or damage.

Bicycle rental fee is charged in advance. 

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